Help Us Grow

Demand for Foundation Center's assistance is accelerating as new nonprofits spring up to serve important public purposes, and as achieving financial sustainability for all kinds of organizations and institutions becomes more difficult. 

The Center is poised to respond by dedicating staff, harnessing technology, bringing grantmakers and nonprofits together, and creating new programs to help individuals and nonprofits across the fundraising landscape achieve new levels of fundraising proficiency. Help us grow!

Recruitment Resources

The following talking points can answer anyone's questions about why joining the Funding Information Network is such a benefit to communities as well as the organizations who are partners. We also provide a key talking points card below that encapsulates the important items in an easy-to-read format. Read the full talking points »

Talking Points Cheat Sheet

We also created a short-hand version of the talking points above, so you can take the key points with you and easily access. 


Recruitment Postcard

This two-sided postcard is designed for two conversations; side 1 talks about where individuals can find their local Funding Information Network location, while side 2 speaks to organizations who might be interested in joining the network. Use it at your next conference! Download the postcard »

The public Funding Information Network portal is the place where organizations actually go to apply to become partners. It also provides all the details on partnership, cost, benefits, and more. View the public application portal »