Financial Sustainability Toolkit

We know that the Funding Information Network program allows partners like you to deliver critical resources to your community. The Foundation Center is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and relevance of this valued program.

To that end, it's important that network partners have the resources they need to become financially independent in their partnership with us. We have developed several tools that can help you achieve that independence.

Explore Your Annual Fee Options

Network partnership with Foundation Center's Funding Information Network requires an annual fee of $1,995*. For this fee, network partners gain access to Foundation Center's suite of products, including 3 database subscriptions and a collection of Foundation Center books and exclusive training materials (an overall retail value of over $10,000). There are several different payment options available, including multi-year lockin arrangements and a subsidy program for organizations with small budgets. Learn about your fee options »

Understand Your Benefits

Understanding your partnership benefits can help you make the case for support with your administration, or with potential funders. We have put together a page that illustrates the value of the package offered to Funding Information Network partners, something tangible you can share and utilize in your communications.  View your benefits »

Get the Funder Communications Toolkit

Created by the Foundation Center's in-house development department as a resource for partners, this funder toolkit provides information on methods for approaching local funders with the opportunity of supporting your network partnership. Get the Funder Communications Toolkit »

Learn on GrantSpace's Fundraising section can provide further tips and supporting resources in the areas of grantseeking and fundraising for your program. Visit the Fundraising section »

*Annual partnership fees are subject to change.