Offering training to your public is a major aspect of being a successful partner.

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The Training achievement area is hugely important to your success as partner - it's about offering quality programming on a consistent basis to your public.


  • Partner conducts at least two free public training programs per year, which highlight effective use of Foundation Center resources.
  • Partner submits training feedback after every Foundation Center training program you host, at least two training feedback forms per year.  


Beyond the basic Training standards above, the NAR will ask other questions about the trainings you provide at your location. When you begin achieving above standards, you will be able to reap the benefits and rewards from the Network Achievement Challenge. Achieving above-standard in the Training achievement area looks like this:

  • Partner conducts customized/advanced trainings.
  • Partner hosts an advanced Foundation Center fee-based training or group-rate webinar.
  • Partner takes training into their community by signing up for temporary off-site access to databases.

Training details: Training sessions may be led by the supervisor and/or other organization staff or appropriate guest speakers, and trainings can be scheduled during site visits by Foundation Center staff. A Foundation Center public webinar, hosted at your location, can also count as one of your two required trainings. 

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