What happens when you move on to another role or another organization? What if funding dries up in your organization's budget?

Sustainability icon - ladder

The Sustainability achievement area is about ensuring that your Funding Information Network program will continue on even after organizational changes.


  • Partner trains support staff to assist on Funding Information Network databases and trainings.
  • Partner informs decisionmakers in their organization about the FIN program so that they can support and champion the work of the program.
  • Partner attends one Foundation Center professional development activity a year (options include Network Days, Virtual Network Days, Network-exclusive webinars, in-person classes/workshops). 
  • Partner completes the Network Achievement Report once yearly. 


Beyond the basic Sustainability standards above, the NAR will ask other questions about your sustainability efforts. When you begin achieving above standards, you will be able to reap the benefits and rewards from the Network Achievement Challenge. Achieving above-standard in the Sustainability achievement area looks like this:

  • Partner ensures that additional staff at the network location have attended Foundation Center trainings and events.
  • Partner has developed a succession plan for the continuation of their program, and shared that with their administration.