Promotion & Networking

Having your resources front and center and well-known to your community is key to your program's success.

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Smart promotion will help you achieve that goal. The Promotion & Networking achievement area is all about how you go about positioning your resources.


  • Indicate affiliation with Foundation Center and the free availability of Foundation Directory Online Professional and other core collection materials by linking to any designated pages provided by Foundation Center and by posting signage stating that this is "A Funding Information Network partner of the Foundation Center."
  • Partner posts their upcoming training classes (at least two Foundation Center classes per year) onto the GrantSpace calendar.


Beyond the basic Promotion & Networking standards above, the NAR will ask other questions about your promotional and networking efforts. When you begin achieving above standards, you will be able to reap the benefits and rewards from the Network Achievement Challenge. Achieving above-standard in the Promotion & Networking achievement area looks like this:

  • Partner promotes the program in the community via newsletters/email lists, social media, online calendars, flyers, press releases, and word of mouth.
  • Partner fosters relationships with local nonprofits, funders, libraries, government agencies, and media outlets.
  • Partner collaborates with other FIN partners in their region and state.
  • Partner joins the exclusive LinkedIn and Facebook groups for network supervisors.

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