Network Achievement Report

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In order to better recognize achievements and strengthen performance within the network, the FIN program uses an annual online self-assessment survey, called the Network Achievement Report, which each supervisor is required to complete. The NAR provides us with important data to help us understand how we can best support your work and growth as a network partner. 

» View the full NAR questions (subject to change)

Scores from the Network Achievement Report, known as NAR scores, will be used to recognize and support individual achievement and progress as a valued Foundation Center partner. We will provide details directly to you when it is time for you to take the Network Achievement Challenge. 

Partners must be able to demonstrate that they are achieving basic standards, which are subject to verification by Foundation Center staff via on-site visitation or phone call. Partners that achieve beyond standards in the NAR will be able to access tangible benefits and rewards for their efforts.

» View the NAR scoring rubric 

When it is time to take the Network Achievement Report, the survey link will be delivered to you by Foundation Center staff via email or other electronic means. It is imperative that you are receiving our messages throughout the year, so be sure that you are a part of our Facebook and LinkedIn groups and newsletter audience, and that you regularly check this website for information on how to administer your program goals.

» View results from the 2015 Network Achievement Report 
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