Ensuring that your program resources are easy to access is an essential criteria for partnership.

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The Access achievement area is all about ensuring that you can provide resources to the public in a manner that is open, free, and easy for everyone to access. Per the terms of your partnership agreement, please note that you may not charge money for these resources. 


  • Partner provides at least 24 hours per week of public access to Foundation Center resources. 
  • Partner assigns one lead staff person to assist in the stewardship of Foundation Center resources and take responsibility for the program. 


Beyond the basic Access standards above, the annual NAR will ask you other questions about how you provide services at your location. When you begin achieving above standards, you will be able to reap the benefits and rewards from the Network Achievement Challenge. Achieving above-standard in the Access achievement area looks like this:

  • Partner provides online access to the databases beyond a single computer - via WiFi connection, and/or via loaned laptops or tablets.
  • Partner provides access at multiple site locations.
  • Partner has installed the custom FIN Welcome Page for your web page.
  • Partner expands their collection of philanthropic resources beyond the databases they receive as a partner.

Access details: No fees may be charged for reference services, or for access to any Foundation Center resources unless with the express permission of Foundation Center. You may have as many simultaneous users on the databases at one time as you wish, but use must be restricted to within the "four walls" of the building that houses your program. Access to the databases is solely for the public, the network supervisor, and staff who work closely with the program.

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