Staff Transition Toolkit

Whether you've been promoted to a new position, are moving on to another organization, or retiring (congratulations!), the resources below will help assist your successor and get them started on the right foot as a new supervisor of the Funding Information Network. Do you have your own tips you'd like to see here? Let us know

  1. Name a new Funding Information Network supervisor: It's crucial for you to name someone who will take over your supervisory duties (even if that person is only in that position temporarily while a more permanent replacement is determined). This allows for someone at your organization to keep current with new developments, access account information, and better serve the audiences in your community using Foundation Center resources at your location. Name the new supervisor contact for your organization »   
  2. Provide your replacement with our contact information: Just as important, you want to make sure that your replacement can find the right contact within the Foundation Center. Share our contact page » 
  3. Make sure they stay in the know: Ensure that your successor can keep current with new developments with the Foundation Center, the Funding Information Network, and the field of philanthropy in general. Sign them up for our monthly Network News newsletter »
  4. Send them to the Welcome, New Supervisor tutorial: A great place to orient a new supervisor to the ins and outs of the Funding Information Network, our Welcome, New Supervisor tutorial provides a step-by-step approach to learning more about the network, Foundation Center, and the resources available to our network partners. Launch the Welcome, New Supervisor tutorial »

Don't Forget!

  • Leave your database log-in information for the new supervisor.
  • Finally, make sure to walk them through your experiences with the network and provide them with any helpful tips and hints that you have picked up along the way.

By following the suggestions in this toolkit, you will have left the new network supervisor in a much better position to successfully provide fundraising and philanthropic resources to the community you serve!