Partnership Fee

Network partnership with Foundation Center's Funding Information Network requires an annual fee*. For this fee, network partners gain access to Foundation Center's suite of products, including three database subscriptions and exclusive training materials (an overall retail value of over $10,000).

The annual fee is billed on an annual basis (12 months). In addition to the Center's premiere products training materials, network partners benefit from free in-person and online training opportunities and conferences as well as a wider network of like-minded partners who are working in the field of nonprofit and fundraising information services.

Network partners can ensure their sustainability in the network in a number of ways. Foundation Center wants to offer a couple of options for partners to consider as they grow with us in this program:

Foundation Center's Subsidy Program

Foundation Center strives to ensure that organizations of all sizes have the ability to access our resources for sharing with their communities. In an effort to assist those who may need support with the annual partnership fee for joining or staying in the network, Foundation Center offers limited subsidies to prospective and existing under-resourced network partners, based on their operating budget size. Learn more about the subsidy program ยป

*For more information, please contact