Enterprise Access

Foundation Directory Online and other databases are available on an institution-wide basis, providing username- and password-free access to everyone on a campus or to patrons across all branches of a public library system. 

By far, this is the most economical way to provide access to FDO on such a large scale. 

Benefits of Enterprise Solutions include:

  • IP recognition for unlimited site-wide access
  • More efficient and collaborative research
  • Prices based on type and size of organization
  • Substantial savings per user and discounts for multi-year plans
  • Discount package prices for purchasing multiple subscriptions together

Interested in an Enterprise solution? Contact Laura Odenthal at 212-807-3650 or by email at ljo@foundationcenter.org. View the Enterprise Access flyer ยป


"Demand for Foundation Center resources was clear in our community. In order to better reach area nonprofits, we added Foundation Directory Online access to one regional location. The result was so positive that we expanded access and FDO is now available at seven Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries for the convenience of our nonprofit patrons."

- Network partner at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library


"Our major FDO users were delighted when we acquired access for the entire campus. The biggest beneficiaries were our university development staff and students in our Nonprofit Management graduate program. Any university user now can enjoy the same anywhere/anytime access they have come to expect from their library resources."

- Network partner at University of Oregon