Manage Your Program

Manage Your Program

Start here to learn the basics about your Funding Information Network program.

  • Basics and Onboarding

    So, you're a new supervisor with the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network program - congratulations!

  • Update Your Info

    Making sure your contact info is up to date with us will ensure that your program is optimally supported and positioned for sustainability.

  • View The Network Standards

    All Funding Information Network partners agree to meet standard operating expectations in four key achievement areas. 

  • Activate Your Databases

    Your resource collection consists of online database products. This page contains the links to get you all set up.

  • Partnership Fee

    Network partnership with Foundation Center's Funding Information Network requires an annual fee*. For this fee, network partners gain access to Foundation Center's suite of products, including three database subscriptions and exclusive training materials (an overall retail value of over $10,000).