Request Off-Site Database Access

When holding a workshop offsite from your authorized network location, you may request temporary login credentials to our databases.

 Fill out this form to automatically receive logins for Foundation Directory Online Professional and Foundation Grants to Individuals Online.

Please read carefully before filling out this form:

  • Submit this form within 24 hours of your training event: Temporary login credentials will be valid ONLY on the date on which your event takes place. We cannot provide or guarantee working login credentials requested earlier than 24 hours from your training date.  
  • Single-day training only: Temporary login credentials are valid only for the SINGLE day your event takes place. If you have multiple training sessions planned, you may return to this form 24 hours before each scheduled training will take place. Please email us directly with questions.
  • Non-disclosure of login credentials: It is a violation of the Foundation Center's database license agreement to share login credentials (username and password) directly with attendees, guests, or members of the public. If your event is a hands-on training, you must therefore log your guests on to computers yourself.

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